Vaping VS Smoking

When deciding whether to use a pod vape or continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes, it’s good to take both the pros and cons into account. However, it can be hard to seperate the fact from the fiction, especially when you’re talking to either hardcore pod vape or tobacco enthusiasts. Let’s discuss the facts.

Pod vape use : pros and cons

Most people tend to think of pod vaping as being much more safe than tobacco use. That said, it usually depends on the type of pod vape user you are. Frequent users, those that use their vape many times daily, every single day, are at far more risk of adverse effects due to the many chemical additives in the majority of e-juice than those that only use it temporarily to quit smoking or just out of habit. It also depends on the type of pod vape e-juice you use. There are alternatives that do not contain nicotine that are much safer and less addictive than those that do. Pod vaping can also be done indoors during the cold weather, which is a huge pro. The risk of second hand inhalation for your friends and family members is also significantly smaller than with tobacco.

Tobacco use : pros and cons

There aren’t many pros to using traditional tobacco cigarettes as opposed to pod vaps, unless the tobacco usage is rare and the pod vape usage was frequent. Tobacco usage is one of the leading causes of cancer and death in the United States and should be avoided at all costs. There are actually over 70 cancer causing agents that have been identified in cigarette smoke. Tar collects and builds up in your lungs, causing breathing problems as well as carcinogenic effect. Smoking also has the potential to cause all sorts of issues long term like lung cancer and heart disease (especially in women). It also creates smaller, more “annoying” side effects like coughing and withdrawal symptoms for frequent users. See more here:

So, which should I use?

If you have to use one or the other and quitting altogether isn’t an option,  it’s highly recommended that you quit smoking tobacco and stick to the pod vape. Although there are still hazards, it hasn’t been proven that any of the pod vape hazards have the potential to actually be life threatening. In fact, in a recent and somewhat surprising statement from the American Heart Association, they actually reported that using a pod vape is not only safer but a great alternative to help people quit smoking. If you’re trying to quit or having urges to start again, you should definitely consider a pod vape to help quench or kick them while your body and mind are healing from tobacco addiction.

Tobacco use versus pod use can definitely help you manage your smoking cravings as well as direct them towards a more healthy alternative. Using a pod vape should definitely be considered due to its lack of long term and life threatening side effects in comparison to tradition tobacco usage. See more this site:

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